Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting Up By Catching Up

In starting this new blog, trying to by-pass the memory limit of the original "Georgia Becksteads," let me catch you up on the last few months.
October ended with fun Halloween activities:

at church was fun filled with booths, candy and prizes,


 and friends.
We found recipes for yummy Halloween treats 
 and Thomas came to visit just in time to help carve pumpkins!
The boys went for the glove method for pulling out the guts - not their favorite feeling things to do.
By using both sides of the pumpkins each sibling gets to design a carving. Here is Natalie's spider web and Jake's werewolf!
The kids were ready for trick-or-treating, 
all decked out and candy bags ready.

was hungry one day, but a little too lazy to thinly slice her bananas for her banana sandwich.
loves playing around with the camera, taking different shots. This one of the mirror turned out pretty cool. 

We celebrated Alyssa's birthday with a couple of her friends.
 I had found some Tangled books and activities on clearance about a month before Alyssa's birthday - since Tangled is one of Alyssa's favorite animated movies I thought it would be fun to surprise her with a Tangled themed cake and gifts.
I made a tower cake -
  complete with Pascal (you can see him, green, sitting at the window).
 The books came complete with a clip of magical hair and a musical hair brush. 
 Logan spent the rest of the evening brushing Alyssa's and her friend's hair as we watch favorite parts of the movie.
In GA, you can get your learner's permit at 15. With a birthday on Sunday, the DDS closed on Monday, she had to wait until Tuesday to take the test (at least she didn't miss school - they had off for the election).
Only a year and a day until her real driver's license!

 Our good friend came to visit us for Thanksgiving. 
We took him to the Genghis Khan exhibit in Atlanta,
 Played with some bubbles while we were there, and checked out some other exhibits at the museum.
 The deep fried turkey was the center of our feast - good food and fun times.
 After dinner settled we had our choice of pies.
 For us, December starts with First Friday downtown. They light the tree, 
have displays,
  Alyssa's a'cappella group went to the businesses down town, caroling, and Santa was there to talk to about special presents!
 The next day was the Christmas parade (a favorite thing to watch).
Alyssa volunteered at a bake sale table to benefit Relay for Life.
 Before the parade Logan, although he had talked to Santa the night before, had time to mail his letter to Santa.
 We love everything about the parade - 
the floats,
 the punch buggys,
 seeing our friends (they make new costumes each year for their stilt walking),
 and Santa (really Santa's helper this time).

We saw a picture of chocolate covered pretzel rods and when there was some dipping chocolate on clearance I got some so we could try making some.
We tossed out on the table all the toppings we had.
The kids loved dipping and sprinkling and rolling
and eating!

 Moving on -
  I'm so glad to be blogging again. Life the last few months has been busy, as life gets, but keeping a blog is something I like doing to record our family history and memories.
Keep up with us too, check back regularly! :)

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