Saturday, January 26, 2013

Catapulting for Science

 It's that time of year again when the science fair rubric comes home - this time for Jake.
He had it in his mind to do something with a catapult and over coming gravity. He decided on determining potential energy of a spring - measured by how far the projectile is launched using a spring catapult.
He and Robert build a simple catapult to measure distances using different lengths of spring at different angles.
 The projectile - an Angry Bird!
There were many launches,
 lots of landings, 
 and lots of measuring.
One of the springs got really stretched out and the bar stopping the arm at the given angle got a bit bent out of shape from all the force.

 Data, graphs, pictures and coming up with analysis and conclusions and the project and tri-board is complete! We hung one of the springs on the board as well, since he couldn't take his catapult to display with his project (it's a weapon).
 I like when they are done and turned in - early!

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