Thursday, February 7, 2013

Waiting Rooms

 When waiting in a waiting room, it's hard not to glance at some of the magazines they have laying on all the tables. The ones with food on the cover caught Alyssa's eye and we started flipping through the February Family Fun magazine.
They had some great ideas for dinners made in muffin tins. I had to get the issue.
We tried out the sweet potato shepard's pie (pictured below) - a great blend of flavors. Jake and Alyssa loved it (Alyssa said eating it made her smile), Natalie and Logan - liked just the bottom meat part, sort of.
 I also tried the homemade mac&cheese recipe for the muffin tins - the kids weren't too keen on the breadcrumb topping (just cheese next time) - but they all loved it, even Natalie! and she hasn't liked any mac&cheese she's tried until this one.
They also had a great idea for a Groundhog's Day dessert! So we celebrated last Saturday with a bit of sweetness.
I forgot to get the chocolate wafers to crumble on the top, so the groundhogs had to come out of mud instead of dirt, but it was still yummy!
If you have to sit and wait for appointments, I'm sure glad they provide great reading/idea material!

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