Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine's Day

We started a tradition, sometime, to have pink pancakes for Valentine's Day breakfast. The children also get a little something at their plates.
 This year, the girls each got a rose and everyone split some chocolate covered strawberries. 
They were mostly for Jacob. Whenever the commercial would come on he would come into the room and say, "those look so good. Don't they look really good?" So, I thought it would be fun to order some as a surprise for him.
He loved them and said it was the best Valentine's Day gift - even as great as the year they got Lego spinners for their Valentine's gift. . . . Now that's pretty good! :)
Logan loved the pink heart shaped pancakes and pink syrup and asked for them for dinner that night and breakfast the next day!
Breakfast was a hit!

Robert and I went out to dinner with some friends that night and had a really nice time.
That Saturday we went to a Valentine's Day Sweethearts party at a friend's and were asked to bring a dessert. I made a raspberry-lemon icebox cake. It was very fresh and light. Robert thought I should have gone with the Belgian chocolate cream pie, but I thought there might be a lot of chocolate desserts there and decided to bring this one.
I'll just have to make the chocolate pie another night!

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