Thursday, February 28, 2013


Anyone who knows me at all knows I love books! And I'm passionate about children's books - especially the ones I grew up with, ones you often can't find anymore.
As I was driving home, I caught the end of an interview with an author. He was asked what books he loved when he was little, to which he responded that when he was in elementary school they were leveled, 1, 2, or 3. He was in level 3 - the stupid ones, the ones that would be flipping burgers. They didn't have many book and weren't really taught to read. One day a teacher came into the room, took him by the hand and brought him to her level 1 classroom. She sat him by her desk which was stacked with books - all below the grade level, but he still couldn't read them. She taught him how to read. One of the first books he loved was "The Big Jump."
 I was so excited I let out a little cheer! I have that book and I LOVE that book. It is well worn with love and use.
I was so excited to hear a story about a great teacher who took a boy who would have been continually looked over and allowed him to succeed!

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