Sunday, March 3, 2013

Girls Weekend!

With Alyssa making GA All-State Chorus this year, we got to have a girls weekend in Savannah! This year we brought my friend Sara along as well - so much fun!
It was cloudy, but mild for the most part (back home it was raining and cold).
It's a fun and exhausting weekend for Alyssa with rehearsals from 9am to 9 pm, with breaks for lunch and dinner. While she rehearsed, the rest of us walked around town and up and down River Street.
We love the architecture of the area - 
all the old buildings.
And Natalie now knows what she wants on her balcony someday.
The streets are full of shops - candy shops, 
 that have samples ready to pass out.
Something is always cooking and the smell wafting out the doors draws you in.
We love the honey store.
And there are always way too many trinkets to choose from.

Even with the gloomy weather, we rushed down (during Alyssa's longer dinner break on Friday) to the beach.
No matter what, Natalie was planning on getting in the water. . . .
and she did. And had a blast!
It was a little to gray and cold for the rest of us.
It made me wonder if ships can always see the lighthouse.
Our hotel was in a perfect location - one block from the top of River St. one way and from Market Square the other way.
The weekend was of course for Alyssa and ended with going to watch her performance.
 They professionally recorded and taped it this year, so there was no recordings of any kind for the rest of us. (Sorry, no snippets of songs on here.)
We did order the DVD and it will be fun to show the boys when it gets here.
Here they are getting ready.
They were wonderful!
With all the great eateries around the area, we celebrated at Tubby's Tank House. It was so fun and everything was delicious!
We picked up dessert at Lulu's Chocolate Bar and enjoyed them at our hotel.
The perfect ending to our weekend.
The boys had a great time at home without us, with a couple of parties and a Star Wars movie marathon - all 6! (Logan kept falling asleep.)
I love spending time with my girls! And I was excited that I look taller than both of them in most of the pictures!

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  1. Looks so fun! (And yummy :) Can't wait to see you guys this summer!!! I can't believe it's been a year.